CPSD in the Community

Helping the community is our priority. The CPSD contracts with Richmond-based agencies to provide testing, therapy, and consultations. Services can be scheduled at both the CPSD and on-site at the contracting agency. We offer competitive prices for services to contracted agencies, schools, and other organizations.

Puller Clinic

The CPSD is proud to partner with the Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Veterans Benefits Clinic at the College of William and Mary. The Puller Clinic was established in 2008 to assist current and former service members in pursuing disability benefits resulting from their military service. To that end, CPSD psychologists-in-training pair with law students in the Puller Clinic and complete extensive assessments that may be used to support disability claims. Follow-up therapy and referral services are also available.

In August 2013, the Puller Clinic was the first law school in the nation to be appointed a member of the Fully Developed Claims (FDC) Community of Practice, designed to speed the processing of veterans’ claims and reduce the national backlog. The services provided by the CPSD are an integral component in many of these claims.

Chesterfield CSB

Since 2009, the CPSD has partnered with the Chesterfield County Community Services Board (CSB) to provide diagnostic evaluations to consumers in their Intellectual Disabilities Service Coordination program. The evaluations are a required component in determining eligibility for services.

The relationship is a win-win: CPSD students travel to the CSB, gaining important experience with a special needs population and in collaborating with other professionals, while the CSB consumers receive high-quality evaluations at low cost to the community.