Multicultural Clinic

The VCU Multicultural Clinic is a community-based mental health team that provides services to children and adults. Clients typically are experiencing emotional, interpersonal, and behavioral and psychological difficulties. These include trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, anger management and grief. 

Our teams uses a multicultural perspective to understand each person and their treatment so we can provide culturally sensitive, evidence-based services. Dr. Oswaldo Moreno and Dr. Shawn Jones, both faculty members in the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program at VCU, co-direct the VCU Multicultural Clinic. The clinic is primarily staffed by Counseling Psychology doctoral trainees, who are supervised by the co-directors. 

Common Questions

What is multicultural counseling?

Multicultural counseling pays special attention to each person’s life experiences and cultural values. It recognizes that people hold many ideas about themselves, their groups and their overall place in the world. Multicultural counselors spend time learning about these aspects of their clients’ lives so they can use individualized, culture-specific approaches during therapy. This often includes learning to balance the needs of the person with those of their families and communities.

Who can receive services at the Multicultural Clinic?

We provide therapy for children, adults, couples and families. Clients usually are having trouble with cultural stressors, family conflict, individual experiences, school or other areas of life. This might include individual concerns and/or issues in their environment. Anyone who wants to better their emotional well-being and behavior can receive services at the Multicultural Clinic.

Please note: We work with clients of all racial, ethnic, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious and other social backgrounds. In all cases, we will use a multicultural perspective to understand clients in a culturally relevant way.

What services does the Multicultural Clinic provide?

We provide culturally sensitive, evidence-based therapy. We are also available to consult with primary care doctors and pediatricians, psychiatrists or other health professionals who are working with you or your child.