Assessment Applications

We are not accepting applications for assessment at this time. Please check back later this semester for an update. We encourage you to search Psychology Today to find a provider in the meantime.


Clients seek assessment for a variety of reasons, such as problems at school or work, trouble focusing and concentrating, or changes in their memory. Others wonder about unexplained changes in daily functioning or behavior. Often, clients come with a specific question, such as “Do I have a learning disability?” or “Does my child have ADHD?”  

Psychological assessment can be particularly helpful in discovering reasons for current problems and what to do about them. We also often identify individual strengths during assessments, too. You can learn more about how psychological assessment can help by reviewing Understanding Psychological Assessment.  

We take referrals for assessments from mental health professionals, schools, physicians and parents, but most referrals come directly from clients.

Our Process

Our assessments usually include a detailed interview followed by a day or two of testing. This usually includes measures of intelligence (IQ), academic skills, personality, emotional functioning and behavior. For school-age clients, information from teachers or other caregivers is also an important part of the process. The exact makeup of each assessment is based on your needs.

After the assessment, we’ll meet with you to go over the results and you will be given a thorough written report. Because we believe in the value of well-thought-out, carefully written reports, this process usually takes four to six weeks after testing is finished.

Assessments Prior to Therapy

Many prospective CPSD clients ask if they need an assessment before beginning therapy.

The short answer is no. Assessment and therapy address different needs. Assessments involve an interview and one or two testing appointments. This process helps us efficiently gather a large amount of information to determine a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. A meeting to discuss the results is usually the end of your contact with the clinician. 

Therapy, on the other hand, is treatment over a longer period of time. You do not need to complete an assessment before beginning our individual, couples or group therapy services.

Please note: Sometimes we may suggest assessment as a first step to help us better understand your strengths and needs or to clarify appropriate treatment goals.